Marx in the Key of Hope



26 January 2016


University of Bath


Ana Cecilia Dinerstein
F. Harry Pitts


Funded by the SWDTP and academic-led collaboration


Stephen Hunt (Bristol Radical History Group)
Fabian Frenzel (Leicester)
Greig Charnock (Manchester)
Werner Bonefeld (York)
Bristol Cable Media Co-op
Sarah Amsler  (Nottingham)
Dan Ozarow (Middlesex)
Ciaran Mundy (The Bristol Pound)
Graham Taylor (Uwe)
Critisticuffs (London)


This event explored the work of Marx and Marxists with the aim of building collaborative networks between academia and society, with public and local practitioner engagement. The method used was ‘activist research’, a mode of intellectual inquiry whereby learning, theorising and discussion proceed cooperatively with the hope of bringing about change and developing new kinds of social relations in the context of current controversies, challenges and alternatives. 

Through a mutual co-production of knowledge informed by academic research, open discussion, local practitioner expertise and public experience, the work of Marx and Marxists will be read in new ways and shared in new forms with new audiences, in order to be put to new uses.