15. 10. 2019

Introducing DECkNO

This event marks the official launch of the new pop-up research cluster ‘Decolonising Knowledge in theory and practice' (DECkNO), Department of Social and Policy Sciences, with talks by Dr Ana Cecilia Dinerstein, Dr Luisa Enria and María José Ventura Alfaro (ESRC MPhil/PhD Candidate).

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15. 05. 2019
/ Inaugural Event

Critical Theory in a closing and violent world

At this round-table, the panellists brought critical theory to bear on a contemporary global panorama in which the legitimation of violence, xenophobia, misogyny and racism takes on new and alarming power.

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12. 06. 2019

From Fear to Hope. Shifting Narratives for Art, Social and Human Rights activism

We were delighted to welcome Thomas Coombes, Head of Brand & Deputy Director at Amnesty International , who was joined by Dr Ben Parry (Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa)…

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12. 02. 2019

A Critical Theory Of Hope

In this seminar, Ana Cecilia Dinerstein explored the limitations of contemporary neo Adornian critiques of society, challenging the view that ‘there cannot be a political practice to fight Barbarism (Bonefeld).

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11. 10. 2018

Critical Theory Today: In conversation with John Holloway

Speakers John Holloway (via Skype), Maria Nikolakaki, Ana Dinerstein, Frederick Harry Pitts, and Josie Hooker address what critical theory is today and how we can reconnect theory and practice to produce radical change in a world that is governed by abstractions and violence.

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29 . 11. 2018

Writing With Integrity: Publishing strategies for doctoral students

This lecture’s aim was to identify the global power dynamics of systems for scholarly writing and publication, to name key dimensions of this power, and recognise their enactment in writing practice: How do we position ourselves in relation to dominant structures and cultures of knowledge production? How do we deal with these in our environments?

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02. 07. 2018

Free Trade Agreements and Investment Protection. A critical perspective from the Global South.

Bilateral Investment Treaties have proliferated throughout the world in the last 25 years. But, how do you understand and explain this phenomenon? What factors help us explain the extraordinary legal prerogatives granted to foreign investors?

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6. 11. 2018


Beyond The Pink Tide: Is dependent capitalism in crisis in Argentina?

In the seminar, Dr Féliz discussed the Argentine case by focusing on the current economic 'transitional crisis’.

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29. 01. 2016

Marx in the Key of Hope

This event explored the work of Marx and Marxists with the aim of building collaborative networks between academia and society, with public and local practitioner engagement.

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